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We do everything we can to make sure your orders get to you as quickly as possible. The total shipping time is usually between 1 to 3 working days needed to finalize, pack and transport your order. For some products, shipping time may be longer. If it is, you can find information about it in the description of the product.

We send shipments on all working days from Monday to Friday.

You can choose between the following shipping methods:

DPD Courier

Simply select "DPD" as the shipping method. You don't need to worry about anything else. The courier will deliver your order to your address. If you place your order before 1pm, we'll prepare and send your order on the same day and you'll get it in less than 24h. 


  • shipments are sent on every working day
  • shipping time is 1 working day, 
  • gross shipping costs: 

a) starting from PLN 15 if paid in advance,

a) starting from PLN 17 if COD.

The system will always calculate and show the final cost in the basket. The cost will depend on the weight of the shipment. 

Network of InPost Parcel Pick-Up Stations

InPost parcel pick-up stations is a modern service thanks to which you don't need to wait for a courier. You can pick up your shipment comfortably, at any time, without queues and close to your home! Place your order and pick it up at one of the pick-up stations. 

How to choose InPost parcel pick-up stations? In four simple steps: 

  1. Pick InPost Parcel Pick-Up Stations as the shipping method and choose the best pick-up station for you. 
  2. Within two working days after your order is sent , it'll be delivered to the station chosen by you and you'll be notified immediately by a text message sent at the number provided when placing the order. The pick-up code is always with you, no need to show your ID to pick up your order! 
  3. Pick up the shipment. If you chose COD, you can use your credit/debit card or a quick PayByLink transfer at every pick-up station. 
  4. The shipment will be waiting for you for 48h from the time you received the text message. After this time, the shipment will be treated as unclaimed and returned to the sender. 


  • shipments are sent on every working day,
  • shipment cannot exceed 25 kg and be larger than 41x38x64 cm,
  • shipping time is 2 working days, 
  • some stations don't have the COD functionality, so if you choose COD, they will not be visible on the list.
  • gross shipping costs:

a) from PLN 10,45 if paid in advance,

b) from PLN 12,50 if COD.

The system will always calculate and show the final cost depending on the size of the shipment. 

Pick-up in person

You can pick up your order at our office at Sztombergi 100, 28-200 Staszów. We are open on working days between 8am and 4pm, tel. +48-519-696-243. Cash only.