World War II. A deep shelter where the whole street had hidden from the dropping bombs. A little, lost girl among them. She was fidgeting restlessly. Her dad was the person who had built the shelter, so she trusted him and believed that she was safe. Yet, she couldn't just sit there without doing anything while waiting for the alarm to end. She had to keep her thoughts and hands busy. As always, her mother was there to help her. From the deep pockets of her apron, she dug up a ball of yellow wool. The inside of the shelter was immediately brightened up by the colour of the Sun. She quickly made up her mind. Her younger sister didn't have a hat for winter and the last ball of wool deserved to be used well.

Her skilful fingers began to weave the wool. She put her whole heart and dreams into her work. It was her little, personal battle. Stitch after stitch, line after line, her dreams flowed. She wanted her sister to have a long, safe life. To never experience the horror of war. To never remember this nightmare. Her stitches began to take shape. Concentrating on her work, she didn't hear the sounds of bombs falling. She didn't even hear sirens sounding the end of the alarm until she finished the little pom-pom at the top of the hat.

The girl's name was Barbara.

In the seventies, in the picturesque town of Sztombergi in southern Poland, Barbara Skowron founded Barbaras. This small, family undertaking turned into a prosperous, international company.


Barbaras currently produces over a million hats a year. You can buy them in shops and boutiques across 4 continents.

Constant improvement to materials and accessories, innovative design, perfect fit and absolute comfort are the elements that have made us stand out since the beginning.

Thanks to our own state-of-the-art software, we make sure that the manufacturing process is smooth. We invest in safety and new technologies: precise cuts, embroidery, ecological dyes and clothes that change colour in the sun.

We play with fashion, experiment with textures and designs. Everything under the watchful eye of the best European clothing experts.

Focusing on new ideas and new technologies is what let us develop so fast.

We use our imagination to find new ideas so that we can create and share the extraordinary world of Barbaras hats.


  • 1The world of Barbaras is a world of safety, reliability and comfort.
  • 2We create unique hats tailored to the your personalities and wishes, both casual and for special occasions.
  • 3We play with design, materials and accessories. We work with people who know what is and will be fashionable. We love well-designed, ravishing forms.
  • 4Our hats will satisfy the needs of traditionalists and fashionists, open-minded optimists and those who love a bit of craziness.
  • 5From the first to the last thread, we make sure ours products are high-quality, beautiful and functional. And exceptional just like you.


  • Gold Medal at the Poznań International Fair Next Season 2012.
  • Gold Medal at the Poznań International Fair Next Season 2011.
  • Recognition at the "CZAS DZIECKA" Mother and Child Products Fair 2010 in Kielce.
  • Recognition at the d’Interselection Fair 2007 in Paris.
  • Recognition at the Kiyv Fashion Fair.
  • Medals for "Fulfilling Children’s Dreams" at the "Children’s Dreams" Children Products Fair in ‎‎‎‎Łódź.
  • We also have the EAC mark which confirms that we satisfy all safety requirements set by our eastern neighbours.
The materials used in the production of our hats satisfy very strict safety norms as confirmed by the OEKO-TEX 100 Class I Certificate. Products with this certificate are guaranteed to be safe for babies and small children.

When producing hats for babies, we always have their safety in mind. Barbaras products have been certified with the "Safe for babies" certificate for many years. Our hats also have the "Safe for children" certificate. This certificate means that our products are safe for children and guarantees that they are very comfortable.

The quality of our products is under constant supervision, from examining materials in the lab to production. We test our products on a regular basis. Our hats have the Eco 5 quality certificate that confirms that they are safe for children, functional and manufactured in an environment-friendly way.