1. How to choose the right hat size?

Properly measuring the head requires precisely determining its circumference.

Most European brands use head circumference in size charts.

How does one measure head circumference? You will need a measuring tape. Wrap it around the head just above the ears. It should be touching the middle of the forehead and the widest part of the back of the head.

2. Size chart

When buying hats from Barbaras online shop, you can use the size chart below or talk to our Advisor who will answer even the most detailed questions about each model. If you want to contact our Advisor, please send an email at sklep@barbaras.pl

Head circumference Age
36-38 cm 0-3 months
38-40 cm 3-6 months
40-42 cm 6-9 months
42-44 cm 9-12 months
44-46 cm 12-18 months
46-48 cm 18-24 months
48-50 cm 2-4 years
50-52 cm 4-8 years
52-54 cm 8-16 years