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Payment methods

You can pay for your orders using the following payment methods:

Quick online payment with PayU and PayPal

Very easy method of paying after placing your order. You will be automatically redirected to the service of your choosing. Then you select a bank, log in using your access details and confirm payment.

The services allows you also to pay by bank transfer or by VISA or MASTER CARD debit/credit card - you will need the card's owner's details and confirm the transaction using CVV or CVC code.

The whole process usually takes only a moment and PayU and PayPal use SSL certificates, which guarantees the safety of the transaction.

Cash on delivery:

If you choose this payment method, you'll pay the courier when they deliver your order or, if you pick up the order at our office, you'll be able to pay with cash.

If you use InPost Parcel Pick-Up Stations, you'll get a payment link (e-transfer), you can also use credit/debit cards (Visa , Visa Electron , MasterCard , Maestro ) directly at the pick-up station. If you choose this payment method, the payment operator is eCard S.A.